Thank you Kritter’s Ramblings!

Thank you, Kirstin at Kritter’s Ramblings for the wonderful review of “You’ll Be Thinking of Me”!

“I loved this one and hope that Densie Webb is working on something else!”
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Fab Goodreads Review!


Latest wonderful review for “You’ll Be Thinking of Me” on Goodreads!
“I loved this book! A good mix of romance, suspense and drama. It takes you right to the line of disbelief without going overboard. Kept me on the edge of my seat. Saving this one for a re-read.”

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Answer Questions, Win Books!

It’s on! That’s TRR’s Mega Anniversary and Valentine’s Party and my novel, You’ll Be Thinking of Me, is part of the fun. Go to TRR, register on the site, and answer a single Q&A (you’ll find the answer in the Amazon link) for a chance to win an ebook version of my novel. (This is the last chance!) Lots more Q & As and lots more prizes from other great authors! So, enter now!

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Google Translation Of Book Review Is Hilarious

Okay, so I got a very nice 4/5 star rating on Goodreads for “You’ll Be Thinking of Me.” Unfortunately, the review was written in Hungarian! I turned to Google for a translation and this was the result:

“The story was completely surprised. Simple Romantic expected horrors rather small indentation, but fortunately not, “read it, then do not dare to go out in the dark bathroom” deep.”

I’m still smiling. 🙂