My New Novel:Le Remède

“Webb weaves a dark romance, family drama, history, and friends-to-the-end threads into one satisfying read (and without relying on gore.) Recommended for fans of the sexy un-dead.” Goodreads 



My latest novel, Le Remède, is now available as an ebook and paperback from Amazon and on The Wild Rose Press website!

Andie Rogé craves control like some people crave chocolate. But she can’t control her feelings when she encounters Vincent Dubois at Lizzie Borden’s Bar.

Tortured by a blood lust that has ruled him for almost two hundred years, Vincent Dubois is unprepared for the pull he feels toward Andie. He can only surrender to what he knows is fate.

Offered a cure from a rare black orchid, Vincent faces an agonizing choice—take the only dose of Le Remède and join Andie in the human life he so deeply desires or give the cure to his Kindred brother to stop his bloody rampage. Fate brought them together but will it destroy their chance at a future?

New Book Trailer!




you be thinking of me

My debut novel, You’ll Be Thinking of Me, is available as an ebook and a paperback from Amazon as an audiobook on

A chance encounter with a celebrity, an impromptu video of an innocent kiss and a shiny new espresso machine. It all added up to a juicy tale for 24-year old Rachael Allen to share. But when her best friend posts the video online, bizarre threats from an obsessed fan follow close behind. Mick Sullivan, the star in her video, offers to help and in the process, Rachael discovers that despite his reputation as a player of Olympian caliber, he’s down-to-earth—and emotionally damaged. Despite wildly divergent life paths, their shared southern upbringing and a passion for good music create a common thread that draws them to one another. As the threats escalate, and their relationship deepens, Rachael struggles to accept Mick’s past and ultimately decide if being with Mick Sullivan is worth the collateral damage.

 You’ll Be Thinking of Me is the story of Rachael’s serendipitous encounter with a celebrity, her brush with obsessive love and the bittersweet gift left behind by the very person fixated on destroying her life.

29 thoughts on “My New Novel:Le Remède

  1. I really love your article. It’s obvious you have lots of
    knowledge on this topic. Your points are well made as well as relatable.
    Thanks for writing engaging and interesting material.


  2. Good luck and best wishes. I began writing full time 6 years ago at a ‘certain age’ and have had stories published in anthologies and magazines. I’ve written several novels all waiting to go into my publisher. My debut – co-written – novel was published in November 2017, with Paperback and audio coming out this May. So I say to older writers, go for it. There is nothing to lose. I wish you much success. xx


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