What I’m Reading

I’ve got some great reads on my TBR table. I just finished The Perfect Son by Barbara Claypole White. A lovely, heartwarming story of family, love, devotion and determination about a subject, Tourette’s Syndrome, which is near and dear to my heart.

I recently finished Taylor Jenkins Reid’s Maybe in Another Life. It’s a breezy read with serious undertones about how even the smallest decisions you make can have enormous ripple effects on how your life plays out. In other words, serendipity or, if you prefer, fate. Reading it feels like deja vu, since I wrote a blog post on how serendipity plays into my writing before I sat down to read her novel. Highly Recommended

Also just finished Center of Gravity by Laura McNeill. It lived up to its billing. A real page-turner. I was tense right up until The End. Antoher 5-star recommendation!

Next is is Mary Kubica’s Pretty Baby. I read her first novel, The Good Girl and adored it. I’m sure this one will hold my undivided attention as well.

What’s on your TBR table??