Decisions, decisions

So, my debut novel, “You’ll Be Thinking of Me” has been out in the world as an ebook since January. It’s been great. But it’s time to think about the next one. Now I’m working on two very different stories—very different from my debut and very different from each other. Don’t think I’m so good at juggling two novels at once, so trying to decide which one to focus on. One is a paranormal romance—no kings of the underworld and no perpetually teenage sparkling vegetarian vampires. It has a bit of a different twist (I hope). The second is a family drama about the joy and pain of motherhood—who chooses it, what motivates women to become mothers and what do you do when motherhood chooses you?

I go back and forth, depending on my mood. They each are puling me in (and spitting me out). Right now, I’m focused on the paranormal romance. But that could change. Hoping to have a rough draft of one by the end of the summer, but I know that could change as well, (and probably will).

Any opinions out there??