Spring for Love Blog Hop and Giveaway Is Here!


Welcome to the Spring for Love Blog Hop and Giveaway! Enter below for a $50.00 amazon gift card and other surprise gifts! But first, let me introduce you to Blog Hop author, Dorlana Vann.

Fellow Soul Mate Publishing author, Dorlana Vann, is the author of contemporary novels for teens and adults. Her inspirations are classic romantic comedies, fairy tales, and the supernatural. She lives in Texas with her growing family.

What is her favorite thing about Spring? “Green. After a long winter of nothing but stark white, I love the green that blooms. There’s no other green, like spring green!”

Wait for it—The Trouble with Snowmen by Dorlana Vann will be released in August of 2015!

Snowmen drift into your life like they were sent from above. The relationship is great, rolls right along, and build. Everything seems perfect…until a little heat is introduced. Then they melt, leaving only they hat, their scarf, something to remind their victims of what they’d lost. Urban cowgirl Haley Monroe is told that the fabulously hot guy, who just dumper her, was a snowman. Her friend, Maximilian, convinces her that the only way she’ll ever stop begin played by snowmen is to become one. It takes a lot of drinks to work up the nerve but Haley gets her sexy on and goes on the prowl.

But there’s more! Check out Dorlana’s other novels, including:


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To keep up with Dorlana Vann and her work, visit her at www.dorlanavann.me and on Facebook www.facebook.com/dorlana and follow her on Twitter https://twitter.com/DorlanaVann.

Enter the Spring for Love Giveaway here: http://www.rafflecopter.com/rafl/display/153622a63

And be sure and drop by tomorrow and Sunday when I’ll be featuring author,s Dale Ibitz and Jo Richardson! You can see all the wonderful authors who are participating in the Spring for Love Blog Hop and Giveaway here.