Audio Book Adventures

I’m in the process of listening to auditions of narrators for the audiobook version of my novel, “You’ll Be Thinking of Me.” I have to confess, I’ve never listened to a single audiobook. But I have good friends who spend a lot of time in their cars commuting and they are audiobook converts. They say they couldn’t survive the drive without them. My commute is from the kitchen to my desk, so I’ve never had the need or the desire. So, with them, and all the other audiobook lovers out there in mind, I’m doing it. It’s odd how voice appeal is such a personal thing. I’ve always known that certain voices can be grating, others soothing, almost hypnotic. Some people open their mouths and you think, you should be an announcer or a DJ or a do voiceovers for commercials. I listened to some voice auditions and within 3 or 4 words, I was “Nope.” Others, it was “No way” or “Not in this lifetime.” But then I found one that felt just right. I wanted to be her friend right out of the gate. It’s not a done deal yet, but I’m psyched over the possibility of having this young woman with the lovely voice saying my words. I’ll keep you posted.