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“You’ll Be Thinking of Me” and I will
This book was a great combination of romance and suspense. On the one hand, there was an interesting relationship with a troubled celebrity, and on the other, encounters with a creepy stalker person.
The heroine was relatable, and that made the stalker all the more frightening because the reader’s sympathy for the heroine made the mysterious unsavory presence in the background feel all the more personal.
The author’s language was strikingly vivid. A few examples that struck me: “It was different enough from others on the street that no one would call it cookie-cutter, but similar enough that it was clear they belonged together—links of a chain not meant to be broken.”
“But she had her memories and she nurtured them, doted on them, and exaggerated their accomplishments, just like they were children.”
“I dragged myself back up and caught another glimpse of my reflection. Night of the Living Dead came to mind.”
I recommend this book.