Celebrity Stalking

If the stalker’s behavior in my book seems outrageous, much of it is tame compared to real-life celebrity stalkers. I was in the thick of doing research for You’ll Be Thinking of Me, when I ran across the name of Reid Meloy, Ph.D. What a find. Dr. Meloy is an expert on celebrity stalkers and has written textbooks on the topic and testified in court cases. I emailed him, not really expecting a response, but he answered quickly and said he would be happy to speak with me, on one condition—he wanted me to read one of books first. These weren’t books you’ll find in Barnes & Noble, these were hard-core psychological textbooks on the topic of stalking in general and celebrity stalking in particular. Through the magic of interlibrary loan, I tracked one down and read it, cover to cover. We set up a time for an interview and Dr. Meloy was kind enough to talk with me for 45 minutes, knowing that my book wasn’t finished and I didn’t yet have a contract. I will forever be grateful to him for his input and his time. And while I exercised a bit of literary license in writing the book, I hope it does his input justice. And I hope you enjoy it!